A Message from Our CEO

Our Commitment to making a better future

As the CEO of Lactalis American Group, Inc., I decided with the full support of our executive committee to launch a corporate sustainability program (CSP). The reason why is because:

In Lactalis American Group, Inc., we believe that making a better future for the communities where we operate makes good business sense, and we are proud of our brands and of the products we market. The 3 core actions of our CSP are:

COMPLYING with all legal & regulatory requirements, as well as good environmental and best work environment practices is the proper way of doing business. Our compliance program with a specific committee received the support of our shareholders. In a world of growing complexity and interactions, this is not easy but we are committed to maintain compliance!

REDUCING our consumption of energy, fuel, water, packaging, travel, paper, etc. is also strategic to be competitive. Let me give an example of a recent achievement: we have obtained renewable energy sources for our Buffalo, NY facility. This is saving fossil energy and reduces our manufacturing operation carbon footprint.

PROMOTING sustainability helps us to meet our goal to put "CONSUMERS & CUSTOMERS FIRST". All our marketing and sales teams know some of our achievements in this area. But I want to go much further and asked to our CSP committee to build upon our ongoing sustainability initiatives throughout our operations.

On this base, we will build our CSP around 5 key points :

  • KEY POINT 1: More reduction on energy, fuel, water and packaging (for our manufacturing and supply chain groups), with specific "measurable" goals. And new reduction on paper, travels, etc. (for our corporate group). These metrics will be key to communicate with our customers, so we can better match their own expectations.
  • KEY POINT 2: Clean up our products and process. We have moved using milk coming from cows not treated with the rBST hormone in several of our manufacturing operations, generating more value for our customers. Our focus is going “all natural”, eliminating preservatives, chemical ingredients, or colorants in line with consumers’ expectations.
  • KEY POINT 3: Nutrition: the goodness of milk calcium is promoted by governments all around the world: helping our children build stronger bones is a good way to build a brighter future! And LACTALIS group R&D expertise will help us to bring to market healthier products. Sodium reduction is also a key strategy.
  • KEY POINT 4: Environmentally friendly packaging: I am directing our Marketing and Procurement teams to partner with our best in class providers. This is a long-term goal, but we have started to go in this direction.
  • KEY POINT 5: Participation from all our employees: I am encouraging everyone in the company to fully embrace this philosophy and to participate with this initiative. If all of us know where we are and where we want to go, we will get there faster!

Frederick Bouisset
President & CEO of Lactalis American Group, Inc.